The Simulant Swarm – Second book in the Xalata Orbit and Melody Fret series

Xalata Orbit and Melody Fret Book 2Not for the faint-hearted, this roller-coaster scifi thriller for teens and young adults once again pits our heroes, Xalata and Melody, against dark alien forces and the terrors of the unknown.

Fresh from their battle with the Cryomorph on the Moon’s Farside, Xalata Orbit and Melody Fret had hoped to settle back into a normal routine at the Academy. But strange things have taken place on Mars and when the Red Planet Exploration team arrive back at LunarBase, they bring with them more than their normal cargo. The result for everyone on the Moon is catastrophic, when their lives are threatened by a terrifying attack on the Moon’s human population. A seemingly unstoppable alien force transforms its victims into simulants of themselves, building an army of invaders whose purpose is to destroy humankind.

Can a weapon be found to defeat them and can two teenage girls and their friends take on the forces of ancient alien science? Can Xalata and Melody survive this second challenge so soon after the first one? Why has Rose Pretty suddenly appeared in two places at once? What dark secret does Penny Wrath hold? How has Frank Wordsmith managed to get onto LunarBase and what are his intentions, now that his plan to destroy Beijing with an asteroid has been foiled?

To discover the answers and to live the horror of a stealthy alien attack, read the second in the series, Xalata Orbit and Melody Fret.

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