A Student Guide to Effective Research Questionnaires and Surveys

revised_covershotWhen you study for a qualification, prepare research reports, undertake any sort of student investigative project or simply want to collect evidence to substantiate your ideas, then this simple and informative work is right up your street.

Discover how to set objectives for your questionnaires; construct questions so they’ll bring you the results you need; create answer types to help you to drill down into your data; deliver your questionnaire in straightforward and easy-to-access ways to your respondents; collect the responses and make sure they are reliable; analyze all  the responses, then use analytical tools to dig down into them to reveal more than appears on the surface; present your findings in a such a way that will make your conclusions clear to your readers and deliver the end result you want.

You’ll learn about the main statistical measures, enabling you to check how reliable your data is and understand other people’s results.

If you are conducting researc, you’ll benefit from the insights that this book brings and will find it’s an excellent resource throughout your project work.

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