Grow your Company with Effective Business and Customer Research

featured-imageGet to grips with questionnaires and make a difference to your research results by having clean, reliable data that has been collected to a high standard.

As you grow your company, understanding what makes your customers tick grows in importance. Understanding your staff too is vital if you want to retain them. Questionnaires to research your marketplace, survey your staff, monitor processes and more are nowadays part of any business’s information gathering process.

This book helps you to understand the processes involved and to get to grips with what the results really mean.

You’ll discover how to set objectives for your questionnaires; construct questions so they’ll deliver valuable results; create answer types that will allow you to drill down into your data; deliver your questionnaire in accessible ways to your respondents; collect the responses and ensure they are accurate; analyse all of the responses, then use statistical and analytical tools to get even more from them than appears on the surface; present your findings in a way which will enlighten your readers and deliver the end result which you want.

The book also contains a simple primer on the main statistical measures, enabling you to evaluate the reliability of your data and assess other people’s results from a point of understanding.

This book is valuable for any business owner who is serious about growing their business.

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