About 365notv

Thanks for visiting us at 365 No TV, the signature address of Nick Evans Publishing. You came to this page, because you wanted to know more, so here goes:

Nick Evans Publishing is an independent organisation that publishes eBooks only – no printing presses here: sorry. The imprint has been created as a vehicle for the first three books and is now available to anyone who wants help getting into e-print.

The six books published so far are:

  • A Student’s Guide to Effective Research Questionnaires and Surveys
  • Part one of 365 No TV: 123 things to do that are better than watching TV
  • Grow your Company with Effective Business and Customer Research
  • The Kilimanjaro Challenge – by Gabrielle Hadley
  • Xalata Orbit and Melody Fret: The Hammer of Asttar
  • Xalata Orbit and Melody Fret: The Simulant Swarm

Who is Nick Evans? He’s Chairman of ExtraMile Communications Ltd and a published author, before he got into all this online stuff. His career spans 12 years teaching, umpteen years in sales and marketing including a spell as Head of Marketing for Apple’s UK Education business, and all those years running ExtraMile since April 2000. But now he’s concentrating on writing.

If you want to contact him, please send a mail to this address.

Thanks again – we hope you’ll enjoy the works we publish.